Welcome to Yoga with Jen.

Are you new to yoga? Are you a beginner? Maybe you’ve been to a few classes? Maybe you have been practising for a while? Do you want to learn more about yoga and yourself? Do you want to heal yourself from the inside out? Do you want to feel good in your body? Then you are in the right place.

In my yoga flow classes, you will listen to your body and see what feels good for you. Every single body is different and therefore what feels good is different for everyone. Once you listen to your bodies you start to relax and can just be in the moment.

The classes are designed to give you space to listen to yourself, heal from the inside out and connecting to your heart. Your body stores tension and emotions. Yoga helps to release those slowly through movement as well as held postures.

On your yoga journey, I will break down the poses so that you know how to perform them safely. You will connect to your core to build confidence. Through slow flows and heart openers, you will tend to the heart.

You have never been to a yoga class before and don’t know what to expect? Read this blog post to see what you can expect and what you have to bring. If you have any questions, I’m here to talk to you.

Not quite ready to join a class? No problem, I’ve got your back there too. Why not sign up for my monthly yoga membership instead and practice yoga in the comfort of your home until you are ready to join a class. Head over to my membership site for more info.

Jen x



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