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Welcome to Yoga with Jen.

Jen is a Yoga Teacher and a Transformation coach, helping women heal their mind and bodies from the inside out and finding their true self. She helps women with both RTT and Yoga to provide deep, transformative inner healing. Through this healing a new level of confidence, inner peace and transformation is found.

She started practising yoga in 2012 after her dad passed away; to help her deal with her grief and the trauma of the loss. It was her safe space to just be and start the healing process. This is when Jen realised how important it is to take some time for yourself after trauma, which is when her love for yoga began. In 2017 she completed her Yoga Teacher Training as well as her Pre-and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training.

In Summer 2018 she found Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which combines hypnosis, NLP and CBT to deal with the root cause. Within just one session deep healing can occur, that creates everlasting change. She completed her RTT training in December 2018 and is now helping women all around the world find their inner wisdom, the empowered confidence, the love and the joy, that is bursting to get out… and help them be the best version of themselves.

She has also just embarked on her Reiki journey, to provide even more healing to women all around the world.




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